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College Exhibits

2015 College Exhibits

University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontology
Title of Exhibit:Invertebrate Fossils of Kansas
Description of Exhibit: Information about Kansan invertebrate fossils and a sand
box with fossils for collection.

University of Kansas-Vertebrate Paleontology
Title of Booth/Exhibit:Saber Tooth cats and their descendants—a comparison
of prehistoric and modern cats
Description: Exhibit will feature lots of saber tooth cat skulls (and a modern one)
laid out for people to see. They will have talking points on subjects like the
sabers and how they worked as well as information on their brain—how they
differed and how they may have engaged their Ice Age world.

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Title of Exhibit:Cephalopods from the Richard M Sutton Geology Museum,
Exhibit will highlight cephalopods from the Richard M Sutton Geology Museum at

Park University
Title of Exhibit:Champsosaurus: analysis of Cretaceous sizes
Description of Exhibit:Park University along with Bruce & Judith Wake have
collected and sorted a large collection of Champsosaurus vertebrae from the Hell
Creek Formation of Montana. This allows for an analysis of a large sample size
to determine variations in Champsosaurs.

MCC-Blue River
Title of Exhibit:Samples collected on the Western Interior Seaway
Description of Exhibit: This exhibit willbefocused on the Western Interior Seaway
and display samples we have collected on field trips throughout Western Kansas,
Nebraska and Wyoming

MCC-Maple Woods
Title of Exhibit:The Many Faces of Calcite
Description of Exhibit: Exhibit will feature calcite samples of many shapes, colors
and sizes.

Northwest Missouri State University GeoClub
Title of Exhibit:Upper Peninsula of Michigan/Wisconsin Field Trip 2014
Description of Exhibit: Collection of mineral samples and pictures from the fall trip
to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin.